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Olive gardens of Lun

The olive groves of Lun are located in the north of the Pag island. These groves represent the most intact and exotic piece of the Mediterranean for centuries now. Wild olive trees symbolize the spite towards the bura wind, the rock and the human. Since olive growing is traditional in Lun, its inhabitans feel obliged to preserve this natural and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean for future generations.

Oldest olive trees in the world

Various symbolical meanings were bestowed upon the olive tree. The olive became a symbol of peace, life, strength, eternity, devotion, health, learning and wisdom.

The olive represents immortality, fertility, matrimony and plenitude. The olive leaf symbolizes wealth, glory and peace.

The olive tree could only have been created by divine intervention, so in myths it was created by gods. In Christianity, it’s a symbol of God’s providence and care for His children.

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Visit gardens of Lun and make a lifetime memories. Oldest olive trees in the world will excite your eyes and other senses and delight your every step with beauty of nature.

Our kind and professional staff will provide You with lots of additional services and information to make your visit even more beautiful.

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We offer olive oil, souvenirs made of olive trees, variety of food products based on olives and figs, postcards and cooled non-alcoholic beverages for high summer temperatures.

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