Oldest olive trees in the world

These trees has testified arrival of the Romans, then came the Croats who mixed with the natives. Trees have seen wars and armies…. and trees resists everything through test of time. Only danger is fire.

Age of olive tree is determined by its radius. If the tree has a diameter of 1 meter, then its radius is 500 millimeters. One millimeter equals one year.

Answering the question “Which olive tree among 80000 others is the oldest?” is almost impossible, but we are conducting a research with agronomic institutions. Age examination of every olive tree is demanding and long lasting process, even longer then a year.

Confirmed results of conducted research gave us the answer: oldest olive trees in Olive gardens of Lun are 2000 and 1600 years old. That number of years classifies our olive trees among top 5 oldest olive trees in the world, along with olive trees from Montenegro, Greece and Israel.

2000 years old olive tree

Long lasting opinion was that the thickest discovered tree is actually two or three olive trees that grow together during long period of time. After conducting DNA analysis, conclusion is we are looking at one tree.

1600 years old olive tree

Harvest and olive oil production in this area probably begin in the 116th century with the arrival of the first settlers on the primitive way. The harvest was done manually and the oil was made from wild olives by manual grinding and crushing. In recent times olives are still picked by hand, but the production has modernized. In best years tree this size can provide up to 300 kg of fruit.

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The olive tree is the first among all trees!