Photo Contest “Oleaspection 3”

Rules of the Photo Contest “Oleaspection 3”

With a view to promoting the beauty of Olive Grove of Lun, the Cooperative of the olive growers Maslinarska zadruga Lun, Tovarnele 96/D 53294 Lun, OIB: 55729114990 represented by the Manager Đulio Baričević, the Foto KLUB Pag, A.B. Šimića 26 23250 Pag, OIB: 38595334062, represented by the President Elvis Šmit and Association of Lun’s olive groves, Tovarnele 38, 52394 Lun, OIB: 21546190870 represented by the President Vilibald Baričević (hereinafter: Organizer) are hereby publishing the rules of the Photo Contest “Oleaspection 3” (hereinafter: Rules) that will be conducted through website (hereinafter: Photo Contest).


The Photo Contest shall take place between 5. May 2024 and 7. November 2024 at 23:59h Croatian time. The Organizers reserve the right to change the duration of the Photo Contest. With the Photo Contest we strive to encourage the visitors to convey their own experience of the Olive Grove of Lun through their photographs. The Photo Contest shall be conducted through the website and any communication shall be given through the Facebook pages “Vrtovi Lunjskih maslina” and “Foto KLUB Pag”.


Any domestic and foreign natural persons (hereinafter: Participant or Participants) shall be eligible to participate in the Photo Contest


During the Photo Contest mentioned in Section 2 of these Rules, the Participants are invited to photograph their experience of the Olive groves of Lun. An application form will be available on the website The application form will include:

first name and family name of the Participant, name of the photograph (optional) and contact information

Participants who fail to supply the mentioned information shall be excluded from the Photo Contest. Any communication about the Photo Contest shall be given through the Facebook pages “Vrtovi Lunjskih maslina” and “Foto KLUB Pag”.


A jury selected by the Organizers will select the 13 photographs for the realization of the Olive grove 2025 calendar. Additional photographs may be selected for the organization of exhibitions to promote the Olive grove.


The authors of the selected photographs will receive a printed copy of their photographs. The authors of the photographs selected for the 2023 calendar will receive a copy of the calendar and a printed copy of their photographs. The Winners shall be contacted by e-mail to be informed about the contest results. If a Winner fails to respond within 10 days from the date on which he or she has been contacted, he or she will lose the prize. The prizes shall be sent to the home address of the Winners that shall be requested subsequently, when they are told they have won a prize, within 30 days from the completion of the Photo Contest. With the acceptance of the prize and the signature of the delivery note and the confirmation that the prize has been handed, i.e. with the expiry of the deadlines for responding and sending in information for the delivery of the prize, or with the failure to take over the prize for whatever reason, any further liability of the Organizer towards a Winner shall cease. Participants in the Photo Contest may not demand more prizes or different prizes than stated by the Organizer in these Rules.


Every Participant shall have the right to enter just one photograph in the Photo Contest. Should the Organizer suspect that a photograph is not an original work of a Participant, the Organizer reserves the right to strike the photograph and exclude the Participant from the Photo Contest in order to honor the rights of other participants. Should the Organizer at any time suspect that a Participant is misusing the mechanism of the Photo Contest, the Organizer reserves the right to strike the photograph and exclude the Participant from the Photo Contest. Misuse of the mechanism of the Photo Contest shall include but not be limited to :

-Entering a photograph that is not an original work of a Participant or which the Participant has no right to use. In such a case the Organizer may contact the Participant directly, and the Participant shall respond within 72 hours with proofs of authorship. If the participant fails to comply, the photograph shall be stricken from the Photo Contest;

-Entering a photograph with inappropriate, offensive or vulgar content, mentioning public figures, showing religious symbols, symbols of hate or offensive motives;

-Mentioning persons who are not in the photographs.

The Organizer reserves the right to make the final decision on striking the photograph and excluding the Participant from the Photo Contest in case of violation of the Rules and any other unethical events not mentioned in the Rules. The Organizer shall at any time reserve the right to amend these Rules for the purpose of correction of possible new dishonest dealings affecting the spirit of the Photo Contest and its Participants.


A Participant in the Photo Contest confirms and guarantees that the photograph he or she enters is his or her own original intellectual creation. Any Participant submitting a photograph to the Organizer confirms and guarantees that he or she is the holder of the copyright and/or related rights and/or the intellectual property right to the entered photograph and that the photograph does not violate the rights of any third parties. Furthermore, a Participant confirms and guarantees that no third party shall make any claims towards the Organizer concerning the photograph entered by the Participant. If a third party should make a demand and/or claim towards the Organizer concerning the Participant’s photograph, the Participant agrees and accepts to bear the consequences of such demands by a third party. If pursuant to a mentioned demand by a third party the Organizer should suffer any damage, the Participant agrees to compensate the Organizer for any damages suffered on this account.


A Participant in the Photo Contest guarantees that he or she has taken into account the rights of the persons appearing in the photographs and guarantees that such persons agree that the photographs may be published and used.


By participating in the Photo Contest the Participants accept these Rules and agree that their names and photographs may be published when the photographs are put up on the Facebook pages “Vrtovi Lunjskih maslina” and “Foto KLUB Pag” and/or other social media and when the names of the Winners are published as described in Section 6 hereof.


Minors shall be entitled to participate in the Photo Contest in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Croatia. The rights and duties of a Participant who is not of age, including the observation of these Rules and taking over a prize, shall be exercised by the legal representative of the minor.


The Winner shall not be liable to pay any taxes, dues or charges in direct connection with the prizes awarded in this Photo Contest.


In case of dispute between the Organizer and the Participant and/or the Winner of the Photo Contest, the Participant and/or Winner and the Organizer shall attempt to settle any disputes arising from this Photo Contest amicably, and this failing, the matter shall be referred to the court with subject-matter jurisdiction in Rijeka.


By participating in this Photo Contest the Participants agree that the Organizer may process their personal data entered in the application for the Photo Contest, specifically: first name and family name. The Organizer guarantees personal data protection in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. The Organizer shall process the mentioned personal data solely for the purpose of this Photo Contest. The Organizer undertakes not to disclosure the mentioned personal data of the Participants to any third parties, unless this is necessary to conduct the Photo Contest or the Organizer is required to submit such data pursuant to relevant legislation. During the Photo Contest, a Participant shall be entitled to withdraw from further participation in the Photo Contest, where upon his or her personal data shall be deleted from the Facebook page and the personal database. Participants agree that the Organizer is authorized to publish their personal data, if this is required pursuant to the legislation regulating copyright and related rights or other legislation requiring the publication of such data.


The Photo Contest may only be terminated when circumstances arise for which the Organizer is not responsible i.e. due to external, extraordinary and unforeseen circumstances that the Organizer could not foresee, prevent, eliminate or avoid. Participants shall be informed through the Organizer’s website and the Facebook pages “Vrtovi Lunjskih maslina” and “Foto KLUB Pag” about the termination of the Photo Contest. The Organizer shall not be liable for any difficulties in the operation, failure or any damage caused by technical or other problems due to the operation or use of the Facebook platform or electronic communications networks used to access that platform and/or the website of the Organizer. The Organizer shall not be liable for any violation of copyright or related rights to the content published, but guarantees that if it becomes necessary to determine any such violations, it shall submit to the authorities in charge any information in its possession concerning the participation in this Photo Contest that such authorities may consider relevant to determining violation of such rights.

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