Specialty of Lun olive trees

The hallmark of Olive Gardens of Lun is the fact that the largest number of millennial wild olive trees is found in one location.

Briefly, there is over 80 000 trees in the garden.

The olive trees of Lun that have been preserved in their original form are morphologically slightly different in size, number of flowers, the size and the shape of the leaf and the fruit itself. DNA analysis of sampled trees has determined the genetic diversity within the olive groves, which means that every olive tree is potentially new variety.

The Lun area is one of the few locations in the world where wild olives grow. Out of 400ha of olive groves around Lun, project “Olive gardens of Lun” offers visitors access to cca 75ha covered with olive trees. This olive grove is unique in the world for large number of millenial olive trees in one location, which even the famous olive groves in Israel or Greece cannot boast of.

The olive tree is the never crowned queen!