Olive gardens of Lun

Presented to you by Lun, these surreal sights of stone and olive trees embracing you is something that must be experienced to the fullest. Do not forget that these very gravel roads were once walking paths of the Romans cultivating their fields. These areas best portray the struggle of life. Olive trees that have survived harsh natural conditions – bending themselves and their roots around the stone and, by lifting up, discovering trace amounts of water that are needed in dry seasons – producing healthy offspring for past and present generations.

The Olive gardens of Lun project was created 2010 as joint effort of the City of Novalja and the Novalja Tourist Board. The beginning of its implementation was in 2012 and its completion in mid-2013. The project aims to protect the natural and cultural values and promote a unique landscape. A necessary document basis was drafted to improve the infrastructure inside the area of the olive grove in order to arrange easier access and more successful promotion of the protected area.

Most of the funds were provided by the European Union through the IPA IIIc programme – regional competitiveness, as part of European heritage, and a smaller amount by the local government and the Novalja Tourist Board, enabling the realization of the project to the delight of all visitors. It is thus the intention to protect these natural and cultural treasures in the interest of preserving heritage for future generations and to enable visitors to enjoy this ancient beauty in peace and quiet upon new paths.

The offer forms a unique whole consisting of multiple elements :

sightseeing of the protected area by electric vehicles

strolling along gravel paths stretching more than 7000 meters

front desk serving as an info-point for further information on the location itself

stone houses/stands where small and medium entrepreneurs can sell local homemade products

stone benches and wastebaskets

Step into a very special part of the island, our peaceful oasis, a blend of stone, sea and man!